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My Ied 1431 Hijriah Story

Bagikan tulisan ini ..
Walaupun sebagai tugas bahasa Inggris yang telah saya kumpulkan sebagai nilai tugas, namun tulisan ini 100% berasal dari keseharian yang saya alami ketika berada di Makassar selamat 10 hari. Cerita ini saya awali dari perjalanan saya dari Jogja ke Depok hingga perayaan idul fitri 1431 H yang jatuh pada tanggal 10 September 2010.

Semoga cerita kali ini memberi anda inspirasi untuk menulis lebih baik dari tulisan saya ini. Karena bercerita dan menorehkan kisah melalui tulisan akan abadi dalam kenangan daripada berlalu begitu saja.

Story of Holiday by Achmad Zulfikar
10 Days at Makassar for Ied Fitri Vacation

I want to tell story about my holiday start from the last day at Campus . The last day of study in UMY that appointed in August 28 2010 . And in that day i went back to Depok at 03.00 pm from the Lancar Travel in S.Parman street. I am arrive at Depok at 08.00 am (August 29th 2010) and spend 12 hour in the way to Depok.

I am happy and enjoy my holiday so much , i accompany my mother to the UNJ campus to maintain the file for studying to America . And as usually i am going to break the fasting together with my friend and my family.

In the August 30 2010 , my mother invite to attend the Economy Challenge show in Metro TV with the Pascasarjana Forum of UNJ . That very awesome ,when looking Kwik Kian Gie and Marzukie Alie answer the question from the MC about the Indonesian sovereignity . Two of them answer very good the question , and i hope i can fluently like that in speaking about political studies .

Tomorrow (August 31 2010) me , my brother and my mother will come back to Makassar with Batavia Airlines , i am in the plane at 11.30 pm because the plane was delayed 45 minutes from the schedule.

There are 3 hour the plane spend the time to Makassar . I arrive at Makassar at 03.00 am , we are hurry because this is Ramadhan month and we must get Sahur before the Imsak time .

We are going to take the goods and waiting in luggage room , after that we are rent a car to take our goods and us to my House at Perumnas Antang , Makassar . When we are arrive at home that so many of dust in everywhere in my house, because that so long we didnt back and clean the house.

My mother said , “We must hurry to get Sahur before Imsak , dont bother the dust” . After we clean a little of the dust , we are hurry to get Sahur , with the food from Depok that my mother make and eat in here . Because my mother prediction when us arrive at home there are not restaurants were open and then we didnt have a much time to cooking. The fact is my mother prediction 100% right and no doubt about that.

After the Subuh praying , we are tired and take a rest for the moment . Today morning (September 1 2010 ) my mother started to clean the house , but me and my brother wake up late because we are tired . Today its very busy day because that so many dust in everyside in my house, our face like a Ninja with silk protect our nose and mouth from the dust .

Thats so funny when we look at our face , we like a Ninja with the broom weapon . There are my brother Akbar and Chaedar help me to completed clean the guest space and the kitchen and our room .

My little brother Kautsar have another activity , he is busy to clean the lounge and prepared his Playstation in the front of TV . And waiting for us to swab the lounge with the pine flavor. Fiuh , today its very busy day with all of the dust . Finally , the adzan have been heard and all of us sit in the Dinning Room and eating the food . That so good when we are in our lovely country , and enjoy the life here. After the breakfasting , we are going to Tarawih in Darunnaim Masjid near from my house, i think there are 200 metre from my House . After Tarawih wea are back to home and eat as much as we can , with the various of cake from the cake shop near from my house.

Day Two in Makassar (September 2 2010) , we have a plan to eating in Lae – Lae the popular restaurant in Makassar that serve the various of Fish , Crab , Shrimp , Squid, and many more of the seafood. Me and my mother have a something to doing in my mother campus in Makassar and mother said to my brother ,”Please clean the house , after that you can playing game . And dont forget at 03.30 pm you must prepare for breakfasting in Lae – Lae “. Finally at 05.30 pm we are meet in Lae – Lae and we are eating squid , fish , and shrimp .

From Lae- Lae we are going to Masjid Raya the Biggest Masjid in East Indonesia . We are Tarawih in Masjid Raya and when i am in Masjid Raya i fell religious athmosphere around me .

Day Three (September 3 2010) in Makassar is Rain season , the rain didnt stop from the night shower over the Makassar . My mother have an appointment in campus , but she said we must to waiting for this rain will stopped soon . And there is magic or not , after my mother said that and then the rain stopped . Mr . Sun come over us and shine my country again .

We are prepared to my mother campus , because we dont know when the rain will shower us again . With my blue motorcycle we are going to UMI by the Urip Sumoharjo street . After we arrive at UMI , my mother meet the Faculty Chairman and have a little chat . My mother going to lecture room and silaturahim with his friend , she didnt forget to silaturahim with the Faculty staff.

From the campus we are going back to home , because there are many of dark cloud over us . That mean the rain will coming soon , we are buying some of Fruit Ice in the Pettarani street and buying Fried Chicken in Barokah 02 restaurant.

We arrive at home after bought something for breakfasting . And the awesome things i think , when we in the home the rain directly shower us and i think Allah SWT bless us because we arrive at home with dry clothes.

Day Four (September 4 2010) in Makassar as usual in the morning we are cleaning the house , after that we are going for silaturahmi in my family house in Maccini Gusung . She was die in the August 29 2010 , and we meet with his sister and said we must to come here tomorrow . Because tomorrow will be breakfasting with the family at the almarhumah house .

Day Five (September 5 2010) in Makassar , today i have appointment with my family in Maccini Gusung to get breakfasting together with my family. Before that i accompany my mother , and all of my brother directly going to Maccini Gusung at 4.00 pm.

Finally the breakfasting in Maccini Gusung with my family , that so interesting because that so many of food and drink . I am eating as much as i can , but i think thats enough if that not too full . Because after this breakfasting we are going to Masjid Raya for Tarawih .

Day Six and Seven , my brother stay at home because the weather didnt friendly with us . Because of that , just me and my mother going outside . From morning to the Evening the rain didnt stop , i dont know why .

Day Eight (September 8 2010) , today me and my mother going to buy cake for Ied Day in Dona Dony , Teuku Umar street . We just buy 3 toplest small cake for Ied , because we not have a much time to eat all of that cake .

Day Nine (September 9 2010) , its H-1 that mean one day before the Ied Day . Today all of the people going outside for buying the Ied food. My mother worried because our stove didnt work good , the stove fire that to small and cant to cook the Ketupat .

But , Allah SWT help us i am going to my RT leader and borrow his stove to cook the Ketupat and Opor . Alhamdulillah he is so kind and lend us his stove . From the market we just buying chicken , ketupat , banana , and spice .

A lot of people said , if in the family dont have a daughter that so hard work in the kitchen for cooking and making food . But , that not in my Family , not because we are all the boys and then didnt go to kithcen to help my mother . We are going to the kitchen and helping my mother as much as we can . I have a work in the fill the Ketupat with rice , and my second brother slice the onion , third brother take the spice from the refrigerator.

When the breakfasting, the Ketupat ready to serve with Opor and Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce . That so delicious and so good because this Food cooked by Love . After breakfasting that so many people in front of my house they want to go parade around the city , with car and that so beautiful car because it decorate to be competed each other .

My mother said we must to going to mosque to pay the Zakat Fitrah , me and my second brother were going to Masjid and bring money for Zakat Fitrah . We meet with Mr . Saleh in mosque and pay for Zakat Fitrah.
After from the Masjid we are going back to home , and prepare ourself for the costum tomorrow .

The Ied Day (Day Ten) , that so special day because today we are going to Bitowa Field for Ied Pray . There are so many people around us from many place in Antang . The khatib is Drs . Muhammad Nurdin Massi , M.Pdi. , and the Imam is Drs. H . Alimuddin Syukur .

In the Ied Khotbah , Mr . Nurdin said that so important for our Nationalization to keep , and then the Ukhuwah Islamiyah must be strong . The khatib said , we must to protect our family from free sex and many of negative effect of socialization in wrong people.

After the Khutbah we are going back to our home , and forgive each other . First , my mother with me and my brother . And then we are forgiving each us as the brother. After forgiving each other, we are take photo in front of our house. Of course we are all in the photo, because i put the camera on the terrace floor and using the timer. How smart i am ?! :)

This photo was taken on September, 10 2010.

After this photo session, we are going to the dining room and preapre for eat. There is so many food on the table and i am so hungry, that i feel i can eat all that food.After we are eating and getting full, we are ready for silaturahmi to the other family and neighbor.

I think just this i can write for you the reader, this story that i tell you is REAL. And please try at home :)

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